Augmented Reality Will Change Our Lives Forever.

Augmented reality will change our experiences by superimposing graphics and other sensory information into our reality.

You may have seen augmented reality years ago, but it is appearing more frequently in our everyday lives. John Mayer recently made the first video utilizing this technology. Discovery Channel had this clip from 2007 and now augmented reality is here.

Video games will surely use the technology first but there will be no end the applications and integration in our everyday lives.

Are people really “watching” video on the web?

It is interesting that most people will not watch more than an few seconds of most video on the web.  While there are definitely more people than ever viewing video on the web, it is debatable whether the message is getting through most of the time.

I am sure you have clicked on a video because the link looked inviting or someone recommended it, etc.  It starts to play and immediately you know that this is not what you wanted. I thought I had a short attention span for tv and movies….Can’t tell you the last time I actually watched a full movie.  I get bored quickly, especially if it is not doing anything for me.  That pretty much describes the internet crowd.  Terribly produced videos, or poor playback add to the frustration that is the norm.

If you are thinking about adding video to your site please do yourself a favor and get it done professionally by a firm that understands what it takes to engage your audience.

Better yet is to test and measure the results of your video and make adjustments to give the audience what they want, so you can get what you want.